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New Cyber Risk Solutions: Beyond Insurance

Posted by Risk Strategies Company on 11/10/17 1:42 PM

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Feeling like you're adrift and exposed when it comes to Cyber risk?  You're not alone. 
“Cyber” risk focuses on the unintentional loss of personal, confidential information – including records you transport.  The scope of risk is actually much broader and includes the potential for business interruption and lost revenue, as well as brand and reputation damage.

Robert H Rosenzweig, the Cyber Risk Practice Leader for our parent, Risk Strategies Company points out that, "Cyber threats are outpacing defensive measures, making system disruption and data loss a ‘when’, not ‘if’ issue."

Risk Strategies has partnered with Inspired e-Learning to make available award-winning security awareness training at a minimal cost to you.  In just 30 minutes, participants learn how to detect, prevent, and respond to information security threats, including malware, social engineering, phishing, travel/mobile safety and password management.  Cyber risk is really as much a people issue as a technology issue.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Larger organizations should consider more sophisticated risk assessment services and can engage with experts to shore up defenses and prepare to respond appropriately to any breach.  A summary of our Cyber Risk consulting services may be viewed by CLICKING THIS LINK. 


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